Day 143

March 30

Heyy Doc, you wanted to see me?
“You’re late”
Sorry. I lost track of time.
“What were you doing?”
Umm.. participating in reality?
Okay, okay, I was online. Yes, I spend a lot of time online, I know. It’s not just me, it’s the culture of my generation, in case you haven’t noticed
“Virtual reality, darling. This is the culture you wanna immerse yourself in?”
Well, no. Ugh.
“How are you coping?”
I exploded last Thursday. It was catastrophic cause I was on duty in Paknaan and the collateral damage was just terrible. I didn’t mean.
“You never do”
My issues came out. I didn’t want them to but I rambled on and it did.
“Do you regret it?”
I meant everything I said. I just didn’t say it right. You know when people say things like they’ll always be there for you or they love you and whatnot, I believe that they mean it. But they mean it most when I say it and five years from then they might not. I like to always mean what I say. That’s why I sign my letters ‘Always, Annah’.
“Interesting concept. So you’ll always mean it?”
I hope so, Doc. I really do.